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Doodled Evan and Bradley hanging out like the best friends they are playing video games 

Click here for the animated version! 

Nobody needs to see these but I love the expressions far too much to just erase them like all the rest

so have some mildly freaking out Fitzroy

Freckled cutie

Meet Fitzroy!

My dad just ran past me all determined yelling "I AM ON A MISSION TO SAVE THIS LADYBUG" before swinging open the door and posing dramatically with his arm out all “BE FREE

Anonymous asked: If you had to pick between teleporting and flying, which would you choose?

Well dang- thats a tricky decision omg

Flying could technically do what I’d want to do with teleporting but slower, but also much funner than teleporting! But I’m also kinda afraid of heights.

But teleporting would be instant! I wouldn’t have to worry about flying overseas to see friends or something! Hmmmmmm

I think I’d pick flying, honestly! It’s so much funner and I’d have more control over it I’d think and also- imagine if I teleported somewhere and managed to get stuck in a wall or a chair or something if I didn’t plan out where I’d be I donT WANNA TAKE THOSE CHANCES


Anonymous asked: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma....

Good 4 u anon


I was sad I couldn’t really participate in the whole month of Goretober day by day bUT I decided to just do some random ones!! Turned out pretty awesome I think

sir-purple replied to your post:how many frozen jokes have people made about nolan yet



Anonymous asked: how many frozen jokes have people made about nolan yet